Start looking at handling goods from a whole new perspective.

Simple, Easy, Fast
Order-pick to it.
Roll-it onto the truck.
Roll-it off into the store.
Stock shelves.
Rotate the empties.

Start impacting your cost by eliminating fingerprints.

The more times you touch the goods, the more money is spent to move products to the store shelves.

The concept of eliminating fingerprints helps you to find savings that others seem to ignore.

Let's have a closer look

The RollContainer has been impacting bottom-lines for over 50 years in Europe and other parts of the world. In a multi-step distribution environment it’s as commonly used as pallets and shopping carts.

The RollContainer was designed to move high volume of modular goods, more effectively in high-density cities where space is limited. It’s proven to enhance workers safety, productivity and efficiency. And used daily in a warehouse to-retail environment like - grocery, postal, auto parts and laundry industry.