Start impacting your handling cost.

Eliminating fingerprints helps you to uncover savings that others seem to ignore.

One way of thinking is to add 25 cents of cost to each case of goods every time a person touches it.

Start impacting your handling costs.

The more times you touch the goods, the more money you spend.

Reduce lifting. Less handling of goods, not only reduces your handling cost. Also the cost of injuries, out-of-commission time, accidents and premiums.

Minimize product damages. The RollContainer has metal sides not only to protect, it also in most cases eliminates shrink-wrap usage.

Palletized goods are exposed & vulnerable on all sides. Often the only thing that protects the goods is the carton it’s packed in and a thin layer of shrink-wrap.

Minimizing the use of forklifts / power jacks reduces your cost of repair & maintenance, fuel and future lease / financing.

Every cost detail matters.

Because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


Enhancing your worker-safety.

Simplify the physical side of the job and widening your labour horizons.

Faster - to load and unload trucks, re-arrange orders in truck, delivery to retail and - less in-store handling.

Effortless and can work independently from forklifts / powered jacks so whether you are the CEO or warehouse assistant. Anyone can just do it.


Shield your goods.

The metal sides reduces your shrink wrap usage and keeps your load more stable and secure while handling. At the same time it shields your goods during handling and minimizes product damages yet still accessible for scanning.

Equipment & Materials

True mobile. Not made mobile.

Effortless for anyone, anytime, anywhere. Just done differently and faster.

Designed to fit 3 RollContainers side-by-side which not only increases the truck load capacity by 20%, It also reduces the your fuel consumption.

The RollContainer is 100% recyclable with a lifespan of 7 to 10 years of daily use. Increase your truck-load capacity while you reduce fuel cost and CO2 output. Decrease usage of fuel-dependent lifting equipment. Protect your goods and avoid products from being damaged during handling. Eliminate one-time-use shrink wrap and its costly disposal. Durable, sustainable and efficient.

Start saving $1 on handling cost is worth $10 in sales.

Profit margin is calculated as Sales - Cost.

So to increase your bottom-line you can do two things.

So if your bottom-line is 10% and you want to increase your profit by $1 you…

Increase sales by $10 to generate $1 profit
Cut your cost by $1 to directly impact your profit by $1.