The RollContainer.

The shopping cart for your retail supply chain

A shopping cart is designed for customers to manoeuvre their purchases effortlessly through aisles and parking lots. It also fits through any doorways and in elevators.

When delivering to retail your workforce deals with similar obstacles, every single day. Overcome the obvious obstacles that others seem to ignore. In return you reduce cost as well as impact your bottom-line.

RollCo introduces handling goods done differently.

Undo conventional.

Cost of delivery thru a single door made Walgreens to transform their order pick-to-store delivery process by using RollContainers.

Facts feeds learning.
And put things in perspective.

Because the only thing you can’t do is ignoring the impact density, space
and volume have in relation to the future of handling goods.

Truck load comparison

Take the path of least resistance.

Results in 10x less distance and hands free

Different. Not either - or.

Sometimes to move forward you have to change direction.

There’s a RollContainer for everybody

Whether you are handling goods in warehousing, loading vehicles, delivering at retail stores, staging goods in the back room, stocking shelves or preparing returns for reverse logistics, there’s a RollContainer for everybody.

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