The RollContainer is here.

Evolve the way you're handling goods.

The RollContainer is designed to combine Safety, Mobility and Capacity in one simple end-to-end tool. It’s user friendly and proven to enhance workers safety, efficiency and productivity.

Efficiency in Motion >>

The RollContainer in high density areas where space is limited.


Less lifting prevents injuries, reduces workers out-of-commission time and injury claims.

The galvanized metal sides protect, stabilize and secure your goods while handling.


Easy to use by anyone. Anytime. Anywhere.

Minimize the use of lifting equipment to move product.

Goods are always accessible for scanning.


Holds a half-pallet load (max 500kg / 1100lb).

Fits 3 side-by-side in a truck.

Increases truck-load volume by 20%.

Re-arrange load in truck on a fly and with ease.

Evolve the way you’re handling goods.

Humans have the ability to make tools to get more done easier and faster.

Some people are simply obsessed with progress.

Start finding your balance between Safety, Mobility, and Capacity.
And productivity & efficiency will follow.

Easy to use by anyone

The RollContainer allows you to see safety, productivity and efficiency in a more cost effective way. It helps you to stay on schedule - increase your truckload capacity - and it’s easy to deliver with. Stay ahead of your competition.

Mobile when you need it most.

The RollContainer is engineered to move a half-pallet-load at once. Ideal for a warehouse-to-store environment - It’s simple, easy and fast. Most used for handling goods into stores, malls, hotels, hospitals, restaurants and more. Easy to use and stands up to the physical demands of daily use.

Up to 10x less distance to walk

Creative and efficient.

Moving a hockey goalie between ice rinks - the easy way. The game must go on.

Luggage and supplies up the Gondola.

There’s a RollContainer for everybody

Whether you are handling goods in warehousing, loading vehicles, delivering at retail stores, staging goods in the back room, stocking shelves or preparing returns for reverse logistics, there’s a RollContainer for everybody.

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